PROFILIGHT SECURE is the perfect solution to enhance safety, visual, commercial establishment expositions, houses, industries and high-risk sites such banks, airports… with transparency.

PROFILIGHT SECURE‘s conception allows to obtain shutters with big surfaces, to run silently, a high wind resistance and an effective intrusion security using the integration of the PROFILBLOCK (CR4).

PROFILIGHT SECURE is also available in spare parts for a self-assembly or assembled with desired dimensions.

Max lenght 12000 mm
Max high 8000 mm
Max surface 72 m²
Available Lacquering Bottom Slat &
guide rails
Wheight / m² 10 Kg/m²
Slat pitch 100 mm
Winding diameter
(For 2500mm height and mini tube)
350 mm
Mini diameter tube 133 mm

PROFILIGHT SECURE‘s shutter can be integrated in metal shutter environment :
• Manual or motorised (central, tubular or on lateral
• Steel or aluminium guide Rails
• Regular bottom slat, Steel or Aluminium