PROFILIGHT SOLID is the perfect solution to improve the security, visuals and exposure of businesses, homes, industries and risky sites (banks, airports, etc.) in complete transparency.

The design of the PROFILIGHT SOLID makes it possible to obtain aprons of great rigidity, strong wind resistance and security against break-ins at level CR3.

PROFILIGHT SOLIDcan be offered as spare parts (to be assembled yourself) or assembled to the desired dimensions.

Max lenght 8500 mm
Mac high 8000 mm
Max surface 40 m2
Lacquering yes
Weight / m2 10,5 Kg/m²
Slat pitch 107 mm
Winding diameter
(for 2500mm high)
310 mm
Axle tube 133 mm
Operation in VR trunk yes

The PROFILIGHT SOLID apron can be integrated into a metal curtain type environment:
• Manual or motorized (central, tubular or lateral)
• Steel or aluminum slide.
• Standard finish Steel or aluminum.